I don’t see myself as a food blogger. I am definitely more a foodie – someone who appreciates good food and great service. So after I had heard so much about The Italian Job, I put it straight on my list of places to review.
On the whole, my experience of the Radisson Blu has been very positive. There is something quite unique about the place. It feels a bit like a village to me – a home from home. They have thought of everything from having a man to polish your shoes right through to hosting some of the best large-scale events in Doha. Being a hotel that lacks the beach and sea views I feel they probably work just that bit harder to look after their guests. If you aren’t familiar with the Radisson, it is that huge gold building….

Anyway, I digress….
radisson italian job restaurantTucked away at the back of the hotel is a restaurant called The Italian Job. To get there you have to leave the back of the main building, meander through the garden, cross a bridge, walk along the path, go past the swimming pool and then just before you get to the gym you will find a sign with “if you do not have humor, do not enter’

I must admit I was a bit apprehensive. Do you ever have those ‘can’t be bothered days’? I am sure you do! Well I was having one and the thought of an evening with cheesy entertainment wasn’t doing it for me.

Anyway the door opened wide and we were greeted by Filipino staff with the most welcoming of smiles. Once I had grunted ‘table for two’, we were encouraged to choose from a choice

italian job radisson doha

of – upstairs for smoking and downstairs for non smoking, We then settled in for the evening with Italian music playing quietly in the background and the discreet, but attentive staff seeing to our orders.

Inspired by the 1969 film ‘The Italian Job’ – the film starring Michael Caine, the staff wear boiler suits and the kitchen is visible through black metal grating.

The smells and sounds of food cooking are wonderful. The food arrives promptly – and the only thing I am interested in is my dish. I didn’t even notice what my husband had ordered as I am mesmerised by my plate of ‘Lobster Linguine’- lashings of perfectly seasoned sauce with big chunks of succulent lobster. And perfectly cooked ‘al dente’ pasta,

food review doha italian job qatarAs I am making happy noises to myself, at the back of my mind I am still wondering what the sign outside is all about. Then in the middle of twist of linguine round my fork, I am taken aback by the appearance of a Filipino man in a black suit boiler a few metres away staring straight at us. The music starts playing and he starts serenading us with a Toto Classic – Nothing Can Take You Away From Me. For a moment I don’t know what to do or where to look so I turn to my husband as he is trying to suppress laughter. Could the song be about me and my instant love affair with my lobster linguine I wondered? But why were we wanting to laugh? The singer is great. He sings in tune and from the heart. Just maybe a Toto classic being sung by a Filipino in an Italian restaurant in Qatar was just a bit too bizarre? But then all of me wanted to get up and burst into a karaoke rendition with him….

There is no doubt in my mind that at least once whilst in Doha you must try The Italian Job . Whether you are a visitor or a resident, this is one restaurant that knows how to look after their guests, provide a great food and throw in those extras. I am hooked. It is on my list of places to eat and take guests.
Currently in The Entertainer – one main meal free if you buy another
Booking ahead at the weekend is highly recommended as it clearly gets busy
Well done Radisson Blu!

Tel: +974 4428 1657
Opening times: 18:00-23:00 (every day)
Location: Radisson Blu Doha, Rawadat Al Khail
Serves alcohol

Best bits for me:

  • Fun venue
  • Awesome food
  • Great entertainment
  • Perfect room temperature (you will know the fridgelike temp I am referring to)
  • Easy parking
  • Reasonably priced
  • Freebies included a bread basket with dips and a glass of sparkling wine