About me
Who am I? Interesting question so I decided to interview myself…..

What is your name?
Jo Sullivan

How old are you?
I am not sure that is relevant to this blog – I suppose middle aged sums me up well! I think statistically I am over half way there!

Where are you?
I am a British expat living in Doha, Qatar

Do you have a kids? Family? Or just in Doha alone?

I am mum to the two best children in the world. If you thought you had them, then I am afraid you are wrong. Mine are definitely the best 😉 But they are back in the UK busy in their exciting respective careers. My son is a professional dancer and my daughter is a media makeup artist. So it’s just me and him indoors here – alone
I am what is sometimes termed ‘a trailing spouse’ – here because of my husband’s work, but I am not complaining.

What are you liked for?
I would say fierce loyalty to people and places I love. And my evil sense of humour. You have to know me well for me to let that side out, but I can be very funny.
I am honest, open and quite wise. I like (nice) people and love to socialise so I wouldn’t say people find me boring.
I am hard working and get the job done
I currently organising some great speaker events in Doha showcasing the very best brains, hobbies etc and generally sharing what’s going on here.

Errr… staring at the turquoise waters here in Qatar, swimming, reading, socialising, talking, listening, helping people, contemplating the meaning of life, going to events – shows, exhibitions, parties, food events …. I don’t knit, play golf, mah-jong, paint or draw …
I suppose my hobby is the work that I now do – shows I love it!

How did I get here?
To this blogging thing? Well now this is an interesting journey…It is actually a bizarre journey. I arrived here about four years and met an expat who was leaving. She asked me if I would continue the mailing list she had started for around 200 expat women who liked to keep abreast of all the events in Doha. This mailing list morphed into a facebook group and the rest is history I suppose. Here I am some time later with over 32,000 followers on facebook all keen to hear what events they can go to, what I think of the venues, what’s to be seen in Doha, what’s new and interesting and what I am creating in terms of events myself.

How do you spend your time?
Mainly visiting venues, reviewing places, socializing and on my phone and laptop. I am partial to the occasional shisha while staring at the sea.

What is the best bit about living in Qatar?
That is a difficult one for me to answer as there is so much I love about life here..
Sun, sun, sun.. it shines (nearly) every day of the year and it is free! And when it is coming down at night it flirts with my iphone sometimes hiding behind majestic palm trees creating the most amazing photos!
Then of course all the wonderful people I meet I never would have met otherwise. And of course all the wonderful events, parties, exhibitions and talks I go to – mainly for free!

Have you always done this?
Blogged? Nope! Not at all. Never blogged in my life and didn’t really set out to do this. It has just evolved. Sometimes in life you get given an opportunity to try something and you have no idea where it will lead. I have done lots of business training and was a coach and teacher for many years, but this blogging thing is new to me.

Why should we follow Jo?
Sounds like I am applying for a job and in a sense I am. I am applying for the privilege of some of your time so I can share with you all that is going on here, what I think of places, my opinions and whether I think you should go.
My aim is to share all I love about my life here. I genuinely have a great time. I want everyone thinking about visiting to come, spend time here, get to know what life is really like here, embrace Qatari culture, meet Qataris and thoroughly enjoy their time here.
I think I am honest enough to say what I really think and I hope to make this an interesting page for you to follow.
If you are an expat here and are following my page, you already know I am so keen to share all the amazing things there are to do.

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